THE CARD (Short film, 2016)

Exciting news!!

I’ve been working on a short film this year and I’m super excited to share it with you! It’s called, The Card, and it’s hitting festivals this year, God willing!

The Card is my first ever independent short film, and I was lucky enough to work with such an incredibly talented cast and crew. Stay tuned for more info about it!

Until then,




Colour Blast Commercial!

Hello everyone!!

I’m excited to share with you the Colour Blast commercial I was a part of! Being on set for this was SO MUCH FUN. Thank you so much to Suede Productions for having me!

Here’s the video! See if you can spot me  😛

NEW VIDEO: An Introduction of Sorts

Hey everyone. So this video is sort of a “late introduction” about myself, my YouTube channel, and a wrap-up of life since I started my channel one year ago. A few people have asked me what my channel is about, so I hope this video kinda explains that this channel is about the JOURNEY. My journey telling stories in different ways that I love. This was my first time ever talking directly to a camera about myself so filming this was a really interesting/awkward/nerve-wrecking experience haha. But I hope you enjoy 🙂

University of Windsor Commercial!


I’m in the University of Windsor’s new commercial! (See it below)

It was such a fun experience!! I loved being on set and acting it out. I learned a lot, especially about how much work goes into filming a 30 second commercial. Thank you Suede Productions for the incredible opportunity!

UWIN commercial