THE CARD Featured on We Are Moving Stories

Lead Performer Bridget Opfer and myself (Director Asil Moussa) on the set of The Card!

Hey everyone!

We’re in the middle of our festival run right now, and it’s been so much fun and we’re so grateful! We were also lucky enough to be featured on We Are Moving Stories! To read my interview with them, click here! The piece includes exclusive info about the making of the film and some behind-the-scenes photos, as well!


Thank you We Are Moving Stories!!

With gratitude,


THE CARD – Grants Received for Film!

Thank you so much to the Windsor Endowment for the Arts for granting me the Emerging Artist in Visual Arts Award! I’m so honoured and humbled to be in the company of these wonderfully talented people! Also, massive thank you to Nuha Elalem, Svjetlana Oppen, Kim Nelson and Marty Gervais for all your help along the way!

On the WEA website, they wrote a little bio about me. It reads:

“This recent graduate of the University of Windsor and Ryerson University not only embraces the community we live in, she uses it to inspire reflections on diversity, perception, and human interaction. Through the medium of film, she tackles big issues with simplistic, impactful, story-telling that encourages her audience to think and feel. Stay tuned for her film, The Card, coming soon to our community.”

Thanks, WEA!!

The Windsor Star wrote about the award ceremony, too! Below is a photo of me they included.

The recipients of the WEA Award and Grants!
Hey, that’s me!
Nuha Elalem, producer of The Card and also my best friend, was with me! Nuha helped so much in editing the grant application for this. Thank you, Nuha!


This is the photo from The Windsor Star! I’m standing next to fellow grant recipient Grant Monroe. (Photo credit: Nick Brancaccio/ Windsor Star)

THE CARD (Short film, 2016)

Exciting news!!

I’ve been working on a short film this year and I’m super excited to share it with you! It’s called, The Card, and it’s hitting festivals this year, God willing!

The Card is my first ever independent short film, and I was lucky enough to work with such an incredibly talented cast and crew. Stay tuned for more info about it!

Until then,