NEW VIDEO: An Introduction of Sorts

Hey everyone. So this video is sort of a “late introduction” about myself, my YouTube channel, and a wrap-up of life since I started my channel one year ago. A few people have asked me what my channel is about, so I hope this video kinda explains that this channel is about the JOURNEY. My journey telling stories in different ways that I love. This was my first time ever talking directly to a camera about myself so filming this was a really interesting/awkward/nerve-wrecking experience haha. But I hope you enjoy 🙂


Interviewed for 30Masjids!

Hey everyone!

Guess what?!?

I was honoured to be interviewed by Himy Syed (@HiMYSYeD) for his blog, 30Masjids (@30masjids) Check out the full story about me and making the Muslims of Windsor documentary!!


– Asil